The best thing about being a pet parent is that these furry angels always bring something for their parents. And this is exactly what a 3-years-old Yorkie, Chihuahua, and poodle mix has done. The name of this cute Hazle and she lives in Abilene with her mom, Monica Burks. 

This thing took place when Monica let this cutie on a bathroom break. What happened was that Hazel when to do her business but she didn’t return for a long time. That’s when Monica grew suspicious and went out to look at her dog. And when she finally found Hazel, she was totally surprised to see her coming with her new friend. 

It seemed like when Hazel went out for her little bathroom break; she found a little kitty who was abandoned.  So, this cute dog decided to bring the kitty with her to her home.

When Monica saw this, she captured their video and named the kitty Sheba. Awww!

Scroll down to see the video.