Do you know what makes this world a better place? It’s adorable and sweet dogs. Awww! It seems like we can never get enough of these cuties. And how can we? After all, these furry angels can fill our hearts with love. 

And there is a Twitter account called We Rate Dogs that has been ratings good bois and girls for a long time. If you also want to see these cuties scoring a perfect 10, scroll down. 

P.S. Some extraordinary students have even scored more. 

He is just testing the water for now. He will soar in the sky quite soon.

Is this photoshop or reality?

Okay, so now I am in the mood for some delicious pancakes.

I would love to be the bag right about now.

I think something in my mind just broke because of the cuteness overload.

He is the best at digging!

Who doesn’t like the spinning chairs at the restaurant?

Sometimes we forget to put on our ears in the morning. It happens, no big deal.

At least he didn’t go full Brittany and shave his head.

He is hungry and needs some food.

Okay, this is adorable and heartwarming. The best combination.

 Sharing is caring after all.

Who wouldn’t wanna be his friend? I want to hug him so bad.

Student loans are nothing to scoff at.

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