When you find your pet missing from home, you feel terrible. There is one thing that you blame yourself for and i.e. not being careful enough to keep yourself safe. You are constantly wondering where they might have gone, are they safe or will they ever find their way back home?
Rachel Howatt’s dog escaped last December. She went looking for the dogs in the wood surrounding her house. After a few days, Koda the Huskey returned home and everything felt normal as nothing had ever happened. But the camera’s disclosed the adventure Koda has had.

Last December, a husky named Koda ran away from home

“We looked all over for her and she ended up coming home on her own. She’s very smart, so I didn’t doubt she’d find the way,” the owner told Hiptoro. The Huskey did return home safe and sound. However, Rachel was curious about what had Koda been up to when he was lost in the woods. So, she requested her neighbours who had a tracking camera in the wood to show her any clips which captured Koda.

Days after her return, the owners decided to check the neighbor’s tracking cameras.

To see if Koda showed up on them

And it turns out that she did!

The camera captured Koda with her new male deer friends enjoying in the snow.

But Koda wasn’t alone

She made an unlikely friend: a male deer

They were both seen eating and sleeping together

“It was something worth seeing. Based on the time they appear on camera, it seems they spent more than 12 hours together. There’s also another photo where you see her with 2 deer,” Rachel told us.