Believe it or not but pets can teach us A LOT of things. Be it showing unconditional love, care, or having strange friends, pets are way better than us. You don’t agree with that? No worries because today we are going to burst this bubble of misconception. 

Before we proceed, tell us one thing- what’s your criteria for selecting a friend? Probably, you might also consider the race, status, and color before making a bond. Trust us, we all do the same thing. And that’s where animals are better. If animals want to establish a friendship, they don’t care about anything. 

To show you how pure and innocent bond animals create, we have found an amazing story of Carlton and Colt; a piggy and a dog. You might find it strange but they both are best friends. 

Carlton the piggy was immediately adopted by Amanda Quick after he was abandoned by his first family. Carlton’s first family turned back on him after they found out that he was not a mini-pig and he was going to need bigger and open-air space. 

Amanda says “Their friendship was spontaneous! Colt couldn’t take his eyes off Carl. They were zooming (jumping and running for no reason) and grazing together, even fighting and playing in the leaf piles.”

Amanda saw the picture of Carl and just fell in love with him. She has always wanted to have a piggy pet and have it as animal therapy. So when she came to know about Carl, she immediately adopted him and gave him a loving home. Amanda says that “I was hoping to rescue a pig to train it as a therapy animal like I did with my two rescued dogs. As soon as I saw his sweet little baby face I knew it was him. I drove an hour to look for him that night.”

Now, let’s talk about how Calton and Colt became from strangers to friends to best friends. 

After Amanda has adopted Carl, she has decided to take her little piggy to one of the singing lessons with her. And that’s where the piggy met his soulmate- Colt. Amanda says “Since that first time, Carlton waits at the door on Mondays, he knows when it’s time to go. He jogs from the car to Mary’s front door, and Colt starts jumping the moment we walk in. Even after weeks, they’re still so excited to see each other every Monday.”

How did you find this cute and strange story? Do you also know of any such strange friendship? If yes, don’t forget to share it with us.