Dog Offers His Special Fluffball To His Newborn Brother Every Time He Cries

Dog and a baby always share a special bond with each other. As a parent, a lot of certainties appear in mind when there is a coming new member of a family. However, at the same time, they are a dog owner as well, which takes a lot to maintain the same bond as they have with their child.

Few couples are quite lucky to see the special bond between their dog and the baby. Brutus – owned by a couple from Northern California, was found elevated when they introduced their baby to him.

It was Brutus – who to console his baby brother, brings up his sacred toy whenever he cries. And is always beside him.

Bonnie Michalek with her husband retrieved Brutus in the year 2016, April 12. Since then the Bullmastiff was like a precious stone to them. “I call him my first baby,” Michalek explained to The Dodo.

Well, this Bullmastiff has a very special green fluffball – which is the only toy whom he had not torn apart. He is still the beloved and pleasant dog anyone could have in their family – Bonnie believed.

“It’s the only toy that he won’t tear apart in five minutes,”

Bonnie Michalek told The Dodo.

Dog loves to share is a fluffball

Now when Michalek was expecting their first child, she had to make sure that Brutus gets involved in all their day-to-day preparations. Finally, when they welcomed their son – Kayden, a spellbinding moment happened.

Since then Brutus has never let Kayden off sight. The family was very happy to see the bond. As for Michalek expressed-

“Brutus completely bypassed my husband to meet Kayden. He immediately wanted to give him kisses and snuggle up to him.”

Whenever he hears kids playing outside, Brutus gets overwhelmed. In fact, Michalek thinks that even before they knew about the first child, Brutus observed the change ahead. She knew that he will surely love the meet. She never doubted upon.

Michalek also told-

“Brutus knew I was pregnant before I did – he definitely sensed it before I knew. On the nights my husband was working Brutus refused to be in his crate.”

Brutus has always shown love and care to Kayden. So without fail he tries to make him feel good whenever he hears Kayden crying. As the fluffball makes him feel good so he offers his precious toy to him. Ultimately this unbreakable bond is forever.

So far this day the family has captured many special moments. Perhaps the pure magic of all.




kayden with dog