“It was as if she couldn’t believe her little eyes” ??

Rosie, the rescue dog has been a huge part of her family ever since that she was brought home.

“Rosie is hilarious,” Taylor McDonald, Rosie’s mom, told Hiptoro. “She’s full of spunk and she’s constantly making us laugh. Our other dog, Bindi, is calm and dainty — Rosie has more of a bull-in-a-china-shop type of energy. She’s clumsy, bouncy and full of cartoon-like tendencies. That is, except when it comes to her beloved little unicorns.”

One day, Rosie’s one gave her a ZippyPaws mini unicorn toy that became his favrouit toy.

“She loves these unicorns,” McDonald said. “I’m talking, has to have one at all times, carries one everywhere, sleeps with them. As a result, we luckily had six backups for wear and tear (originally).”

She further added, “Since our other dog, Bindi, is a toy destroyer, we often have to keep them up high if no one is there to be a ‘unicorn bodyguard’ (yes, that’s what this has come to),” McDonald said. “As a result, at around 5 p.m. each night Rosie will make it very, very known if she doesn’t have a unicorn in her possession.”

“It was as if she couldn’t believe her little eyes,” McDonald said. “‘These are ALL for me?!’ After checking them all out, she then proceeded to make sure to squeak every. single. one. I usually put them all away so that we have spares (except for maybe one or two), but that day I let her have them all. She pretty much basked in all of her unicorn glory. I’m pretty sure I heard squeaking in my sleep because she didn’t stop all day!”

Now she doesn’t have to worry about her unicorns getting too worn.