A mother can never recover from the shock of losing her child. Each time she thinks about the incident, she gets even more depressed. But each and every situation has a silver lining. 

Like in this case, a female dog adopted three newborn kittens after she lost her child. After losing all of her puppies, this dog got sad but when she saw the kittens, her life got meaning again. 

She was rescued by an animal rescuer, named Stacee Jones. Scroll down to see the pictures of the proud dog mom with her three kittens.

“I was very careful (…) then I sat next to the dog mom and sat with a kitten. I slowly showed her the kitten to see how she would react. Also, I was afraid she would growl or not take it very well,” Jones told us.

“The dog accepted the first kitten immediately, and she licked it,” Jones said.

“I was like, ‘This is so beautiful. I’ve never personally seen anything like this. It all came together so fast like it was meant to,” she said excitedly.

Here is a video of the dog mom nursing the kittens: