If you are a dog owner and you are working from home, you will absolutely relate to this. Pets are an absolute comfort during this pandemic. But this little guy got too comfortable.

But this is an absolutely hilariously-adorable incident when this Fox New’s professional news anchor is interrupted by his dog. He was rather cutely interrupted by his dog, during his live weather forecast.

Brody is a television sensation-

The famous golden retriever is named a Brody. He was witnessed by a lot while he was busy climbing on this News reporter’s lap. Brody was absolutely unaware.  The live forecast was still streaming on the television.

The live weather forecast on Fox 13 was interrupted by a pet dog named Brody. He received lots of love from the viewers.

The reporter was embarrassed and immediately apologized for Brody’s interruption. But, we know how it is. Its okay Paul.

Just like us, the news anchor on the other side, said, “This is amazing. I love it. We don’t need to see that forecast map; we’ll just look at Brody.”

Other people online responded very well to this little cameo. In fact, people want more of Brody. They were more than delighted.

This is how people responded to Brody’s little cameo-

The comments on the Facebook video of Brody on air.

Dogs make everything better

To sum up, we live in a world where these little furry creatures make everything a little better. And dogs like Brody are only helping us in this quarantine.

Here’s the video:

Whether it’s a video-call office meeting or a quick chat with a friend, your dogs are always around.