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Dog Gets Very Concerned As Mom Stitches Up His Favorite Toy

We know that if you are a dog owner, then you will also be able to relate to this. Our doggos cannot bear the pain of departing from someone they love. And thus, they carefully observe their each and every move. Similarly, an instance of a dog, Hooch has come up where he carefully watches her mom stitching his beloved soft toy.

Hooch joined his family as a foster. But, he was so cute that the family kept him forever. Also on his welcome, he greeted a soft toy Lovie. And since then, more than six years have past and he has kept sharing his precious moments with the soft toy. Looks like, the little doggo fell in love with Lovie at the first sight. Also, he is still obsessed with it.

Hooch plays with its soft toy Lovie

But as Lovie is a soft toy, it gets torn many times. Because Hooch is always playing with it. He does not even take a nap without it. And thus, Lovie has to undergo surgery every month. And what is more astonishing is, the dog is always around when the mom stitches it. Also, the little dog keeps talking to it, while the surgery is done.

We know that you are probably laughing out loud after reading this. How can a dog be so attached to a soft toy? But, this is indeed true and Hooch is really attached to Lovie. And he cannot bear the pain of parting from it. This shows that even animals love blindly and share the eternal bond of love!

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Written by Vijay Dubey

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