Dogs like one thing, i.e., following their routine. And if someone messes with their routine, they DON’T like it. 

A golden retriever and a UPS deliveryman had a routine: every time the deliveryman passed the golden retriever’s house, he’d stop and give the dog a biscuit.

The dog went for a ride around the neighborhood in the back of the deliveryman’s truck. When the deliveryman discovered his stowaway, he brought the pup back to his owner.

The dog’s owner found the whole thing hilarious. He pinned a note to his dog’s chest in the style of the website Dog-Shaming. Then, he shared a photo on Reddit.

Many people had similar stories of their pets going the extra mile to get treats or attention.

A Redditor named Kharasmatic said:

“I used to work on a farm and the farm cat was notorious for doing this, not only to the ups guy but anyone who left their window open.
Edit: ups did not have cat cookies.”

A Redditor named CrankyCrow also shared their cute cat story:

“My old cat tried to get into the school bus once. It wasn’t some cute Lassie-moment where he was determined to follow his owner. I wasn’t even there, he just really liked people.”

And even unlikely animals get in on the action.

Redditor u/happyplaces revealed that their goat also used to hop rides with people who pulled into the driveway:

“I raise miniature goats and my baby girl Bertha did this to one of our friends visiting. They were about halfway home (2 hours) when she woke up and started making noise in the back of their van. It was pretty funny.”

One commenter proved that there’s just something alluring about delivery people, no matter who they work for:

“My dog is also obsessed with the UPS man, the mail lady, and FedEx, ever since the mail lady saw him loose a few blocks away and gave him a ride back home in her mail truck. Suddenly his all his dreams were realized at once: riding in a car, stopping every few feet to look at things and meet new people, a car door that stayed open constantly, the wind in his hair…”