Let’s read a story about a super cute pup named Milo. He is a gentle-giant 2-years-old Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever who is best friends with the monarch butterflies of his garden. It’s sweet, isn’t it? Of course, it is. But what is even adorable is that Milo’s owner has posted a lovely video of this pup and his best friend on a Twitter group called “We Rate Dogs” and the results were simply amazing.

You will be glad to know that the video has 50k shares, 2.2 million views, and 230k likes. Surely the cute video of Milo deserves all the love and attention because it’s too adorable (awww). And do you know the best thing about that video? It showed us that people love unique friendships (and of course, Milo doesn’t harm his best friend).

Scroll down and let your heart sink in love!

The owner Jennifer Bennett says that: “I had a dog before Milo named Boden who passed away and Milo is his nephew. Milo was 10 weeks old when he joined our family. He is very self-confident, loves nature, hiking, and cooking. We also raise monarchs, so they are always in the garden, and Milo’s very used to having them around.”

Other than the monarch butterflies, Milo also plays with chickens that stays in the backyard. OMG!

This adorable pup has got something for you too. If you have a super cute puppy at your home, go and follow Milo’s YouTube channel now for some interesting and tasty treats (do not eat them, they are just for your doggo). About the cooking channel, Jennifer Bennett says: “He is a professional chef with his cooking show called ‘Drooling For Treats.’ His next episode is going to feature his butterfly friends where he makes pumpkin dog cookies cut into butterfly shapes.”

Jennifer also says: “My favorite thing about Milo is how loving and caring he is. He always makes sure everyone is doing well. Even when you feed him a meal, he will come over to you in the middle and give you a kiss as a thank you. He’s done that since he was a tiny puppy.” And when asked about how Milo has developed such a gentle bond with butterflies, she says “He was a born butterfly king.”

Now, let’s talk a little about Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers. They are the smallest of retrievers and that’s why people often mistake them for small Golden Retrievers (which they are not). As Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers are easy to please, alert, and intelligent; every pet parent wants to have one.

If it’s a female dog, their size would range from 17-20 inches. But if it’s a male dog, their size would be 18-21 inches. Not to mention Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers have a lifespan of nearly 14 years and they weigh from 35-50 pounds. This doggo breed likes to swim, hike, and hunt.

Jennifer has also shared some of Milo’s hobbies. She says: “Milo loves to cook his treats. His favorite ingredients are peanut butter and carrots. He also loves to hike and play at the beach. Any place he can run around and have fun.”

Let’s talk a little about Milo’s best friend- the monarch butterflies. They are one of the most common butterfly species in the world. These butterflies have black-laced and orange wings with white dots all over the wings. As compared to Milo, his best friends are quite tiny as their size is from 3.1-4.1 inches, and live nearly eight months.

Jennifer also explains the reason why she has so many monarch butterflies in her garden. She says: “We raise monarch butterflies to help grow their population. There are a lot of predators that can kill the caterpillars, so we try to help them through their stages and release them when they are butterflies. Milo loves it! We have so many butterflies in the garden.”

“Milo is a natural model. He loves getting pictures taken of him. He will find beautiful spots and stop for pictures. Like he will stand in the middle of a flower field and wait for a picture.”

“Milo is going to have his own butterfly calendar coming out soon with tips on how you can raise them yourself.”

The adorable video with Milo showing off his flower and butterfly wraith


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