You might have heard a lot of stories about dogs and cats how much they fight. But this story is a little different. This post has a cat and a dog but they both are best friends. This amazing story comes from the streets of Korea where an abandoned cat and dog have developed a deep bond. 

It was not clear who left these cuties on the streets but it was pretty obvious that they both are not used to the street lifestyle. That’s why they both were confused about what to eat and where to go.

Both the cat and the dog have become best friends. And they like to live together. They show each other the affection and love they have been wanting. And we are totally in love with these cuties.

One YouTube channel called Kritter Klub says that “the cat has become the best friend and angel of an abandoned dog that looks for his family and waits in the same place all day”.

“The dog and the cat play all the time. Besides, they sleep together to keep warm all night long. We put a blanket that they use as a bed and we give them food,” said a neighbor.

“The animals were raised by some elderly people, but they were abandoned because they were moved to an elderly care facility,” the neighbor added.