If you also believe that dogs and cats can’t stand each other, this post might contradict your thoughts. Why, you might say? It’s because today, we are going to tell you a sweet story. It’s about a cat and dog duo who found comfort in each other. 

Since both of them were house pets, they didn’t know where to go after they were abandoned by their families. Scroll down to see their pictures.

After they were abandoned, they found each other and from that time, they both become inseparable. 

“The cat has become the best friend and angel of an abandoned dog. And this dog looks for his family and waits in the same place all day,” reported the Youtube channel Kritter Klub.

“The dog and the cat play all the time. Besides, they sleep together to keep warm all night long. We put a blanket that they use as a bed and we give them food,” said a neighbor.

“The animals were raised by some elderly people. But they were abandoned because they were moved to an elderly care facility,” the neighbor added.