We have always said that dogs have the biggest heart in the world. But we never actually get enough evidence to prove this thing. However, today we have seen a selfless act by a dog, named Blizzie, who has adopted baby goat Rita. What happened was this baby goat’s mother abandoned her at the time of her birth. 

A farmer named Glori Rushing said that Rita’s mother refused to feed her after she was born. Hopefully, Blizzie took the matters to her hand and fed the new born goat along with her puppies.

“Blizzie recently had a litter of puppies and her pen has a fence about six feet long. She climbed over it and went to pick up Rita and put her with her own puppies,” Glori added.

“She was doing an amazing job,” Glori said. Blizzie had enough milk to feed them all.

“Blizzie’s supposed to help take care of the farm and the goats, but I’ve never seen her take one like this before. I was giving Rita a bottle every two hours because I didn’t know how good dog milk would be for a goat, but instead she just went to Blizzie. Rita and the other puppies get along so well and she is very good with them, but she has these long, big paws. She acts like she’s one of the puppies,” she said.