Hello you guys. We know you are back at Hiptoro to see and read exciting stories about dogs. So today, e want you to meed Daisy and know about her rescue story.
This adorable boxer-pitbull mix dog was abandoned and was found by someone who called the local police to help them find the dog’s parents. When officer Jeff Ripley showed up, the story took a new turn.

Rosie, officer Jeff Ripley’s fiance, is an active member at the City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control. The couple took teh pooch to the shelter but found that it was closed. The soon enough decided to take Dasiy home where they already had two rescues. The next day, when Daisy was taken to the vet where she was diagnosed with several injuries and mental trauma.

After tracking down the owners and talking to them, Rosie and Jeff decided to adopt Daisy.

Scroll down to see how happy and comfortable she is at her new house.