Dr.Barry.W.King, a gynecologist was accused of harassment for dyeing a patient’s vagina, purple in color. This incident happened in the year 2017 for a woman who worked with the doctor in his clinic. She had survived after long struggle of treatment for her breast cancer and also had undergone double mastectomy. She found a vaginal lesion and thought that cancer is back. She asked Dr.King to examine her because, her gynecologist had retired. He too accepted for the same and conducted the exam. After his examination, he told the woman to make her husband to look at her vagina.On the same day,after going to bathroom, she saw a purple color dye in her toilet paper.Next day,King was different in his behavior and acted as if he was giddy and odd. When she brought the topic of color, immediately,King told that he only dyed her vagina purple with gentian violet and he did this as a joke. Following this, there are many more shocking things, King has done. He had also told his coworkers about the work he did, the woman said.

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After confirmation, Police had filed case on him for harassment and not as sexual assault, because there is no evidence on his side for doing this work with sexual intent. Victim to the judge told that she didn’t want to spoil his career or profession instead she wanted to quit her job and leave the place like the other victims do. Dr. King was considered guilty for his misconduct with a woman and charged on harassment.The court ordered that he had to apologize to the victim and do 100 hrs of free public service. He had moved to Louisiana and continues his practice on a military base.

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