Diver Ramsey's Encounter with a Giant Great White Shark goes Viral

Instagram post of diver, Ramsey, in which she is having a close encounter with a Great White Shark went viral and the people are awestruck over the videos and photos. Let’s have a look at what are these videos and photos of the Great Whit Shark at which the people are gushing over.

Diver’s encounter with the Great White Shark

In the video which was posted by Ocean Ramsey on her Instagram handle, she can be seen swimming real close to an enormous great white shark.

Ramsey shared the first video on Tuesday in which she could be seen swimming just few feet away to this enormous great white shark.

The video has been shot in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, about 15 miles south of Oahu of Hawaii.

Ramsey who is a shark conservation advocate as well as a marine biologist had captioned her next video as “Beyond Magic” which truly resonates with the feel of the video.

In the second video the great white can be swimming towards the crew of Ocean Ramsey, passing them by at a distance that was not more than a few feet.


This second video garnered more than 2,50,000 views. The next video uploaded by Ocean Ramsey was captioned “Beyond Magic”.

In this captioning, Ramsey had elaborated her experience of swimming with the “Deep Blue” which was for more or less an hour.

In the beginning of this video, Ramsey can be seen swimming right next to “Deep Blue”. The great white shark then surpasses Ramsey and from what can be seen from the video. The shark was swimming very close to the crew and Ocean in particular.

The post which was uploaded on Friday amassed more than 300,000 views.

Ramsey has shared several photos as well as videos till date with the great white shark who is being alleged to be “Deep Blue”.

The largest Great White Shark: Deep Blue

Deep Blue is a female which is believed to be the largest of of the great white shark that is on record.

All the photos and videos shared by Ramsey on her Instagram handle. Ocean Ramsey’s posts are a treat to not just animal lovers but almost everyone.

The Great White Sharks are vulnerable species that are not usual inhabitants of the warm waters of Hawaii.

However, there have been at least three great white sharks, including Deep Blue  have been spotted on Sunday. These three were spotted feeding from a dead sperm whale carcass.

Whether the Great White was Deep Blue or not. But the videos and photos that have been shared by Ramsey have garnered a lot of attention.

The people are marveling at the size of the shark as well as praising the biologist for using this platform. As well as the pictures for raising awareness regarding the conservation of the species

Source: The Washington PostThe Guardian

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