Laura Coorcroft’s discovery has stumped experts at Chester Zoo and a vet in Wales. Some people have said that giant dinosaur lizards are now roaming Wales.

Experts don’t know what to think about what looks like a dinosaur claw that was found in the front garden of a British woman.

Laura Moorcroft, who lives in the Welsh town of Buckley in the county of Flintshire, made the discovery.

She says that it’s really the claw of a “prehistoric” beast.

She said:

(I) instantly thought it was from a dinosaur. My husband and I had just come back from a walk and he noticed it on the grass. It looks prehistoric to us – a scaly lizard-like claw.

We’re huge fans of Jurassic Park so instantly thought it was from a dinosaur, I mean it looks very lizard-like doesn’t it?

When Laura posted her picture online, people in the area started making guesses.

Some people thought it came from a bird or chicken, while others thought it might have come from a reptile-like an alligator, crocodile, or tortoise.

The resemblance to a velociraptor was noticed by more than one person, so Laura, 36, called the experts at Chester Zoo and a nearby vet.

dinosaur claw

Both of them said it came from a bird, but they didn’t know what kind.

Laura explained:

One said it was like a pheasant and the other a turkey so we’re still none the wiser.

We have CCTV but it was a bit too far down the garden to pick anything up, so it remains a mystery.

I like our guess of a velociraptor best – I love that people had the same thinking. I saw someone had thought it was a Gremlin! We didn’t think something like this would grab everyone’s attention.