Ryan Grantham, a former child star, was found guilty of shooting and killing his mother in the year 2020 and was sentenced to life in prison.

The British Columbia Supreme Court in Vancouver handed down a life sentence to the 24-year-old actor who played Archie Andrews in Riverdale and Diary of a Wimpy Kid on Tuesday. According to the CBC, the actor will not be eligible for parole for the next 14 years.

Since Grantham had pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, a charge that in Canada carries an automatic life sentence, it was reasonable to anticipate that he would receive that sentence. However, the length of time that he would have to wait before he could apply for parole was unknown.

During a hearing in June, the prosecutors stated that on March 31, 2020, Grantham shot his mother Barbara Waite, who was 64 years old at the back of the head while she played the piano. According to what has been reported, the court discovered that Grantham had rehearsed the murder and taken videos throughout the proceedings, including one in which he confessed and showed his mother’s body.

It is also alleged that the following day, Grantham loaded his car with three firearms, ammunition, a dozen Molotov cocktails, camping supplies, and directions to the residence of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with the intention of allegedly killing him. On the other hand, he cooperated with the authorities in Vancouver by turning himself in.

According to CBC reports, Justice Kathleen Ker referred to Grantham’s decision to abort his plan to go on a killing spree as a “saving grace” during the sentencing that took place earlier this week. She also mentioned the “life-shattering” impacts of the crime, which were made evident by victim impact statements provided by the actor’s sister. She referred to these statements as “life-shattering” impacts.

Psychiatric reports reportedly indicated that Grantham was going through an “intense period of clinical depression” prior to the murder, along with “urges to commit violence and kill himself,” as stated in a report that was broadcast by the CBC in the month of June. According to the allegations, Grantham made the decision to take the life of his mother, who was undergoing treatment for cancer at the time, “to prevent her from witnessing the violence he intended to commit.”

On Tuesday, Ker stated that she believed the actor’s history of mental health issues was a mitigating circumstance in the murder case. In addition to this, she mentions that Grantham is currently receiving psychological treatment while incarcerated.