Netflix is going to launch a new gaming pursuit. Administrator Adi Shankar will launch his new project revolving around Devil May Cry.

Some characteristics about the reckon have been launched. Introduction about the producer was given to Netflix two years back with Castlevania with two seasons acclaimed by Netflix. Its current release have earned ecstatic comments from fans and critics.

By seeing the title, fans and critics are excited to see the creative team of Shankar as how he will take up this task.Till date, Netflix’s investment is high into animations. Series like, Devilman, Crybaby,Voltron have blostered the firm’s ranking. This new aspire will amplify netflix’s reach. Shankar will also get chance to revive   Hollywood’s past with gaming modifications.

Many may be surprise by the announcement, but not Shankar’s fan. The first report of this gaming anime was given in October. At first it was decided that Shankar would work on The Legend of Zelda, but now he will be working on devil may cry.

On Instagram, Shankar’s fans got whirring awhile and said  he had to adapt one of the incarnated Japanese gaming company series.The producer could not  say anything about the title particularly, but the title in question is known by the fans now. The producer has told followers in twitter to have a keen observe on the reveal on the afternoon

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