“If Dexter wants something, Dexter will get or do anything he wants” 🥰💪

It’s a sweet story of an adorable dog, named Dexter and his family who loves him a lot. When they adopted this cutie in June 2015, they were the happiest people on this planet. But sooner, they almost lost him. 

“An owner’s WORST nightmare, a freak accident,” Kentee Pasek, Dexter’s mom, told The Dodo. “Dexter escaped from the yard, and we were on search as soon as it happened, but he is fast. My husband Tim … found him running alongside the road. Dexter crossed the road right in front of a moving van. I got a call from Tim that ‘Dexter kinda hurt his front legs.’ When I arrived on the scene, it was WAY worse than I imagined possible. We live in the middle of the mountains and had to drive almost an hour for emergency veterinarian care. We were not sure he would make the trip, but he did, and his outstanding vet, Dr. Franklin, at the San Juan Vet Clinic saved Dexter’s life. Dr. Franklin credits Dexter’s determination to live.”

“He was super happy just being alive,” Pasek said. “He was smiling, happy, and positive. There were many days his attitude was infectious for the rest of us. He was happy just to be. One day I placed him outside in his kennel in the sun, and he was so happy to be outside, even as injured as he was. He just loved to be with us.”

He taught himself to walk upright on his two back legs, just like a human.

“One morning I had Dexter in the front yard for his morning routine, and he was so happy, I went back in to get my coffee,” Pasek said. “When I came back outside, he was up on the front porch. I was shocked, a bit upset because he … had just had another surgery. I knew he was not putting any weight on his front leg, so I had no clue how he climbed those stairs. I carried him off the stairs and back to the yard and took out my phone to record his actions because I needed proof for myself and for everyone else in our household. He turned around and did it again. I caught him walking upright up the front stairs. I was shocked and scared he would hurt himself again. And then I remember feeling both amazement and apprehension over this determined dog.”

“If Dexter wants something, Dexter will get or do anything he wants,” Pasek said. “We slow him down.”

“You can imagine what happens when a dog walking upright passes you and you have never seen that before … we really shock people,” Pasek said.

“Dexter’s story is about adapting, changing, and embracing a new normal,” Pasek said. “If we can remember how Dexter changed his life, I think we can too … This has shown me that even in our darkest, hardest times, we can overcome.”