Detective Pikachu is this year’s most amazing film to be released, in the year of Superheros here comes a cute Pokemon played by King of Sarcasm, aka Ryan Reynolds. The first post-credits scenes were featured in The Muppet Movie in 1979 and it became a trend with Marvel Movies.

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Fans who go to the theater now stay till the end of the whole movie credits for a few seconds of the scene which sets the upcoming sequels. Recently Captain Marvel’s post-credit scene was established in Avengers: Endgame. The question we want to be answered now is does Detective Pikachu has a post-credits scene?

Does Detective Pikachu has a Post-Credits Scene?

Detective Pikachu Post Credit Scene

We stayed till the end of the whole movie to find out whether the movie contains some footage after the credits are rolled, but even after waiting for the last crew member name and Studio Logo, there was no such scene. Detective Pikachu does not contain any post-credits scene.

Detective Pikachu Post Credit Scene

One thing we wanted to share with our readers is that waiting till the end was not a waste of time, the background score when the names were rolling was amazing. Also, the credits pay an amazing homage to traditional Japanese Anime and Manga.

Will there be a Sequel to Detective Pikachu?

Detective Pikachu Post Credit Scene

Since there are no post-credits scenes at the end of Detective Pikachu movie, does it mean there will be no sequel to it? Well, the thing is post-credits scenes and sequels are not always related. For instance, there are various movie series without end-credits or post-credits scenes such as The Dark Knight trilogy or Star Wars Series. At the same time, many movies such as the Green Lantern had a post-credits scene, but no sequel.

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Detective Pikachu Post Credit Scene

Warner Brothers have been waiting for the critical response and box-office collections of Detective Pikachu before announcing a sequel. Movies based on anime and Video Games have been very less success at Hollywood, so the makers aren’t taking any chances and want to be sure before teasing a Sequel.

Detective Pikachu has garnered decent reviews, Fans are loving it and it even has a strong opening collection, all while facing the movie of the decade Avengers: Endgame. We can be almost sure that there will be a sequel announced soon by looking at the numbers. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Detective Pikachu Updates and other news.