Designated Survivor season 4 release date Netflix

Designated Survivor has had a strange and wild ride. The show premiered in September 2016 and follows the story of Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) who is a low-level Cabinet member and becomes the U.S. President after the members in the line of succession above him die in a horrific attack.

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The show earned itself a second season, but it was canceled after forty-three episodes. The show didn’t have any hope till the time Netflix decided to save it. The streaming service renewed the show for a third season. Season 3 premiered on Netflix earlier this month. The fans who have already watched the third installment are waiting to hear about the next one. Has the show been renewed for another season? If yes, when will we get to see it?

Will Designated Survivor be renewed for another season?

Designated season 4 release date Netflix
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There is no news about Season 4 yet. This is normal as the previous season came out a few days back only. The fans will have to be a little patient for the news regarding Designated Survivor Season 4.

Will Netflix give the show a nod for another season?

Designated Survivor release date Netflix
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Lately, Netflix has made several decisions that have puzzled the audience. There are high chances that the show will get another chance. The show’s fans are pretty passionate and Season 3’s finale episode has set up a new season perfectly.

If the show is renewed for another season, then we will only get to watch it in June or May next year. We will keep you updated with all the details regarding it.