Every pet has a different personality and nature. Like some pets like to sleep all day long, some likes to engage themselves in random stuff, while some like to actively roam around the house and create a mess. Despite their differences, all these cuties deserve our love and attention. 

We have also compiled 19 pictures of animals who are procrastinating and are lost. Scroll down to see them. And don’t forget to love them. 

“Tried to take a picture of him looking cute in his kitty hut. Caught this demon mid-yawn instead.”

“Welp there goes all my productivity today”

“So I heard you like bum sitting dogs. Lucy fell asleep at her first vet visit sitting on her bum.”

“My other good boy Moses absolutely loves going to the vet because he adores people. Lucy just tolerates it.”

“He’s using his back leg as a pillow”

“… he has been staring inside for five whole minutes”

“Instantly Magnified cat.”

“My dog loves bread but I have no idea how he got this loaf”

“My Brother’s Cat Nimbus… He just kinda falls asleep wherever….”

“My cousin’s hamster after eating a ton of popcorn”

“He eats terribly sloppy, food is always scattered around. But the funny thing is how he drinks. Since Jim does not see the edge of the water, if he tries to drink like a normal cat, he constantly pokes his nose into the water and snorts funny. So he drinks like a tiger at a watering hole – lying down”

“Homesick. I slung my jacket over the arm of the couch. 10 minutes later I turned around to this.”

“The fluffiest derp”

“My cat was making noise under my bed last night. This is how I found her.”

“I usually place it next to the wall so she doesn’t attack me or my cables on that side. Quite frankly I must have captured a good spot because I barely sweep down there.”


“Looked over to find my dog shoving her paw down her throat.”

“Life Hack: Cool your butthole off on a hot day by pressing it against the cold door”

“He is not allowed to put his paws on the screen door so this is what he does.”

“My Mom is looking after my sister’s dog. She just sent this picture with the caption, ‘Seriously though?’”

“It’s good we got him a car seat so he could be more comfortable in the car.”

“Taken from my parents’ kitchen window. They don’t have any cats…”