#BlackLivesMatter, unlike popular belief, is not a new movement. It has been ongoing ever since America’s Independence. People have protested on this before too, only this time it was a lot bigger and graver because of the horrible incident of George Floyd.

Recently, a video regarding this topic of renowned actor and director, Denzel Washington resurfaced.

In the interview when asked whether the “issue of race relations” under President Obama over the last eight years has improved or not, Denzel delivers a beautiful and witty answer.

Race relationships have to do with Race relationships. You are white, I’m black, we’re standing here talking now that’s how we get things done. You can’t legislate love. The president of the United States can’t legislate us into liking each other, we have to step forward and ask questions about each other.

We live in America

In support of the United States Legislation and law structure, Danzel also added that living in a democracy like America is the best part, “We have the freedom to express ourselves. We shouldn’t take that for granted so whatever the movements are, whether you agree with them or not they have the right to express himself.”

Here is the full video of the interview.