The introduction of Tanjiro Kamado has taken place and he seems really determined to have Nezuko, his sister, saved. Nezuko had been turned into demon earlier on. This article will be focusing on the Demon Slayer: Episode 2 spoilers. This article may also have some spoilers, so if you’re a Demon Slayer fan who’s avoiding any potential spoilers, we ask you to go no further.

Demon Slayer- Episode 2

The first episode of Demon Slayer was titled as “Cruelty” and here, fans get to know about the hero of the Demon Slayer series known as Tanjiro Kamado. Kamado enters the city to sell charcoal, but when he returns he finds his family killed off by demons, however, his sister gets turned into a demon herself. He vows to cure her and runs away with her.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Ep. 2 spoilers

Demon Slayer- Kimetsu No Yaiba spoilers

The duo comes across a demon slayer who wishes to take down Nezuko however, Tanjiro tells him to let her go which he does. The demon slayer also tells them to meet a man who can perhaps save his sister and cure her.

Talking about Demon Slayer episode 2 spoilers, the following episode will feature Tanjiro’s journey with his sister to Tomoika. Tanjiro asks his sister to use her demon blood to make her body shrink so that she might fully in the basket. However, later at night, we find Tanjiro coming across a real demon who wants to feast on some bodies.

While Tanjiro is shocked, Nezuko’s mouth gets full of the saliva as she also craves to have human blood. Tanjiro gets attacked by the demon who used his axe to kill the demon but the wounds healed and Nezuko kicked off the head off the demon to save Tanjiro. The following episode will be surely something to look forward to.

Demon Slayer: Episode 2 release date

Episode 3 of Demon Slayer will be out on April 13. This was all and you may let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.