A senior Democrat stated on Sunday that whenever Democrats take control of the House of the United States, they are planning to make an investigation of the attempt by the administration of Trump to block the acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T.

They further intend to prod the Post Office of the United States to hike the shipping prices for Amazon, in order to check that whether the officials are seeking to punish the e-commerce giant or not.

Representative Adam Schiff is while speaking to the Axios which is an online publication stated that the Democrats will be reviewing whether President Trump has used the federal government’s powers so that he could punish the companies.

Schiff is expected to be House Intelligence Committee’s incoming chairman.

Representative Elijah Cummings stated that committee might be willing to look that whether the White House has retaliated against AT&T and Amazon. Cunnings is likely to be the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s incoming chairman.

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The aide of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee however stated that the committee has already been looking into the matters.

The aide further added that the administration of the Trump has not been compiling their requests and that they are expecting that to change as they are in majority now.

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In September, Cunnings had asked the Organization of the Trump and the White House for the documents about the failure of the President to report the debts and payments accurately to Michael Cohen, who is his personal attorney.

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This was to silence the women who have been alleging before elections of the extramarital affairs.

Cunnings had promised to take a methodical approach while dealing with the investigations. He stated that he won’t be subpoenas like candies’ are handed out on Halloween.

Source: Reuters, ChannelAsiaNews