Demi Moore fans are turning ape crazy because of something that has turned up on social media. A video is making rounds on social media where she is seen kissing a 15-year-old boy. She herself is 19 at the time but married.  The disturbing video shows the G.I. Jane star repeatedly kissing the kid on the lips. Moreover, a voice in the background says “Once more” and Moore proceeds to kiss the kid once again. Even though the video shifts its focus for a few seconds, the two are seen kissing each other again.

Moore’s fans are upset, angry, and agitated about what she did. Some decided to side with the actress as at the time she was dealing with substance abuse as she has accepted. The footage is from the 15th birthday party of her General Hospital co-star Philip Tanzini. The conversation in the longer version goes:

Moore: “I love him dearly. He’s one of my most favourite people. I love Philip and he’s the only one I love.”

Philip: “We’re going to get married by the way. Don’t let her husband find out.”

Moore: “I can’t wait. He really is truly terrific. He is, and I love him because he keeps me happy.”

Angry Demi Moore fans slam actress for kissing 15-year-old

One angry said:

Ok well this was creepy as F and I wasn’t prepared for it wasnt it a national crisis when an exuberant Adrian Brody kissed Halle Berry?? The literal hell?!?!
One user commented:
The two adults well it happens. I have had men kiss me when something wonderful happens and then turn bright red embarrassed. The minor child and Demi. Nope no ok then and not ok now.
One more angry user said:
For real, this stuff is insane, and it happens a long time ago! Let’s not imagine what the famous and the so called “elites” do nowdays
A frustrated user said:
I mean I thought it was gonna be a peck. It went on and on and again and again
One more user said:
So, how about that kiss? Should a married woman have been passionately kissing a kid who just turned 15? Based on my own personal experience, my answer would be no.
Another disappointed user said:
The age gap is not what makes it inappropriate. 4 or 5 years is not too crazy at least i don’t think so. But The fact that she was married at the time and that legally she could’ve got in trouble for that is what makes it inappropriate.