It’s with good reason that we are often told to trust our instinct. Some people have the gift of spotting that something is amiss from what can be a normal setting or a normal turn of events for everyone else. Very often, such careful evaluation of events can save someone’s life. At least that’s what happened to TikTok user @jessicahiggs3 who is a delivery worker at a grocery delivery company called Instacart.

A lot of people believe that it is a good thing to follow your instincts or that “sixth sense” as it may help to avoid dangerous situations

The woman named Jessica Higgs, who now has almost 17 million views on her TikTok video, reminded us why it’s important to react to things if you see something weird happening. The TikToker then continued sharing a recent incident she got involved in and how happy she was to have trusted her instincts that saved a person’s life. The woman was working that day as a delivery person for Instacart. She received a request to deliver groceries for an older man who couldn’t shop himself, so his daughter would order Instacart for him.

This is what happened to a delivery worker Jessica who shared how she saved a man’s life

The woman was delivering groceries to an old man as per the request of his daughter

In the video, Jessica shared that after she goes to a certain place, she has to leave the order and take a picture of it, revealing that workers are forbidden to go inside the house. So the woman went to leave the order and the man came to the door. Instead of leaving, she decided to help him with his groceries because she was convinced that something was wrong and that the man looked sick. So she went inside and helped him out, now sure that he didn’t feel very well.

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When she was dropping off the delivery, she felt that something was wrong with this man, so she decided to help him

The woman revealed that you are not supposed to go inside people’s houses, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was out of the ordinary with this man

Jessica then wrote a message to the woman who placed the order, being honest about sounding unprofessional and maybe out of line, but she had to warn the daughter about her father. Jessica noticed that there was a propane tank there, and she herself felt dizzy, so she notified the woman who made the order about a possible gas leak. The woman then said that she would get her son to come and see what was the issue.

After observing the situation, Jessica contacted the man’s daughter and let her know that there was a possible gas leak at the house

Jessica then shared that this man’s daughter changed her tip from $14 to $100 and left a comment stating that after a check-up, it turned out that the tank was leaking, and that the worker, following her gut, saved this man’s life. The woman was very emotional when she shared this story with others online, asking people to always check on things if something seems suspicious.

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The worker found out that there in fact was a gas leak and she saved this man’s life by reporting this

A lot of people online applauded the woman for her bravery and care for others. They emphasized that she isn’t just a simple worker but a true hero. Multiple well-known people were quick to put an encouraging comment under Jessica’s video. She also received recognition from various companies. The company she works for sent her a thank you box and clothing company “Old Navy” invited her for a shopping spree. The woman received the recognition that she truly deserves.

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By sharing this story, the woman wanted to encourage others to always follow their judgment and do what needs to be done to avoid accidents

People online were quick to praise the woman for her heroic actions

A lot of users reminded her that she is so much more than “just a worker”