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Deleting the Facebook account is an artificial way of enhancing online privacy

After a long year filled with controversies, most of the social media users have been sincerely contemplating if deleting the Facebook account is the best way of protecting the data.

Several social media users have posted on online all through the year and they used the hashtag #DeleteFacebook.

The movement has gained momentum one more time during this month after an alarming report from the New York Times was published. The report detailed a significant trove of users who utilize data which the company reportedly shared with other companies such as the streaming giant Netflix and Amazon and the tech giant Apple.

The real question that lies here is if deleted the Facebook account will help. Ajay Sood, the expert of Cybersecurity and the Symantec Canada’s general manager, has told the Global News media outlet that deleting the Facebook account is not exactly the solution that most people perceive.

The reason is that the shadow profile of a person’s Facebook account that remains online for a long time after a person deletes their actual account.

Ajay Sood revealed that Facebook had got two versions of a person’s profile along with a public profile as well as their shadow profile that sits in the background. Sood also explained that if a person hopes that deleting the public profile doesn’t really remove the shadow or even the private account.

Sood has also explained that the search engines are still going to have to access the information which has been public once. And this is the reason why Sood has said that deleting a person’s Facebook account which is large quite an artificial action while protecting the privacy of a person.

Nevertheless, deleting a Facebook account is going to prevent the future information of the users from getting posted on the social media giant, Facebook and this might be the reason why it is stored online.

Source: globalnews

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Written by Kashish Verma

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