Having a best friend who understands you and gives you a shoulder to cry on is the best feeling on the earth. 

Unsurprisingly, dogs have the ability to have meaningful friendships too!

Marshmallow is a deaf pit bull and lives at a rescue center, waiting to be adopted.

Marshmallow loved happily with her friend Scooby at the Unleashed Pet Rescue in Kansas. Both of them were inseparable and they both love each other so much. 

As happens, one day brought a bitter reality.

When a dog gets adopted, it usually seems like a celebration time. But when one of the two friends got adopted, things were not quite happy. 

In kennels like this where dogs are allowed free time to play, they will inevitably develop friendships.

Many people adopt two dogs for this reason! Healthy Pets says:

Two well-matched dogs can become best of friends, providing each other with companionship and a built-in playmate. For dogs that will be left alone for several hours during the day, having a puppy pal to socialize with can mean the difference between destructive boredom-driven behaviors and a happy, well-stimulated or contented pooch. It can even help with separation anxiety.

When Scooby was adopted, Marshmallow was heartbroken.

The staff of the kennel found Marshmallow sitting in her kennel with a toy, crying. Without even wondering, the staff knew why she was so heartbroken – she missed her friend!

The staff went out of their way to comfort the dog.

The bright side of the situation.

Maybe one day the two dogs will meet again!

When she finally turns around, the two will have a reuniting like a romantic movie scene!

It may happen one day, but we can rest assured in the fact that they are both being loved just like they needed!