Twitch suspends Deadmau5 upon his homosexual slander over Player Unknowns’ Battle Ground (PUBG) during the weekend! Just after the incident of the Amazon-owned media company, the producer and DJ started the rant over Reddit. The announcement includes the discontinuation of broadcast on the platform.

The video which relates to the feud is not available. This is a classic manner to suppress the havoc. But what actually happened?

The Homosexual Slander

The event took place during a PUBG game where Zinnerman playing as Deadmau5 got under heavy fire. This shooting came from a concealed location. The game then received some heat from him.

He shouted,

Is that some fucking cock-sucking stream sniper.

This got an end by a homophobic slur! These statements expanded as a tornado. Twitch directly gave a response to it and suspended him.

This clip got to the music news and spread on Other platforms like TMZ and similar also share the piece of this viral feed. In all public announcements, Twitch directly said that Zimmerman is impenitent.

Deadmau5 Reddit Post

Zimmerman’s’ post on Reddit contains attacks that are personal towards a journalist and complaints regarding the Internet all around. But he also gave a statement that homosexual remarks are ‘toxic’ and something “I never follow as an ideology neither do my moral understanding allow me to”.

His Reddit post got captured on imgur. He gave an apology over the platform and explains himself why the behavior was so irresponsible. Every gaming platform is for fun and just to fuck around.

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You can enjoy your freedom of speech and can say whatever you want. No one takes all this in any serious note. We all are here to just enjoy. He said that,

I really apologise for what I’ve said. I am not that kind of a person.

Deadmau5 on pinpointing the journalist from Colorado, ” They wanted some news and so did they created.” The news cornered him with the allegations that comments like this are towards an entire group of people who have a different sexual orientation.

Due to this defamatory action, Twitch suspended his service. Deadmau5 answered to this in a classic way. He directly put blame on the journalist that by doing so he showed her level of understanding.

Further Explanations

Zimmerman identifies the issue behind the matter. He got to the bottom of it. There are some people who are waiting for the feed. Then they just wait for some such comment during a game where such an issue could be captured.

Now they convert it in such a negative way that creates havoc. Now just because of some news from Colorado actions are having been taken. He strongly says that,


According to the post on Feb 13, Twitch has declined to reply to any queries due to privacy reasons and private account details.

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Deadmau5 replies to his earlier post and apologises for every comment that was against Twitch and even his homophobic slur. But there was an absence of any apology regarding the comment of  “the bottom feeding shit” on the journalist.