Dave Bautista retirement from WWE CONFIRMED, actor says no more fights

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    Once one of the hottest and the biggest names in WWE, Dave Bautista has had quite a career in the WWE. He has had multiple runs with the company’s top championship belts and continues to be a hot name even though he is retired. However, many were still speculating if Big Dave is really gone. However, ‘the animal’ confirmed today that he is really gone for good.

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    He made a rather strange comment when asked if he would ever wrestle again! Let us take a closer look at what the megastar had to say –

    Bautista Would Rather Go Broke Than Wrestle Again

    Big Dave, as he is popularly known as, has stated that he would rather go broke than wrestle again. This expresses two things – one, that he is really done with the wrestling business, and two, that he is really frustrated with how things are going on in WWE. Reportedly, during his last two runs, he wasn’t really happy with the creative direction that the company had taken.

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    The Animal, who is 50 years old now, wrestled his last match in the WWE as a no-holds-barred contest against Triple H at this years’ WrestleMania.

    A Bright Career in Movies 

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    Ever since he left the WWE after his first run with the company, Bautista has had quite a career in cinema. He played roles in movies such as Blade Runner 2049, the Guardians of the Galaxy series and became a Bond villain as well! Given his career trajectory, he could achieve much more by staying in the movie-biz than wrestling!

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