Dark Season 3 will be the end chapter of the series. Yes, it is the official news by Netflix for the Dark fans. Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms known for web series lovers. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, it has been a piece of relieving news for many of us.

Dark is a German web series first premiered in December 2017. Now, knowing to upcoming series, it is quite possible to arise questions? Like, what it’s releasing date and plot? who all are in the cast? So, here we go.

Series 1 got much appreciation for its thriller tragedic storyline, even the critics praised them a lot. The storyline depicts an unseen connection between four families after children getting disappeared from a town named Wilden in Germany.

The two years from season 1, the second season was premiered on June 21, 2019. This season continues the story with family members from the present trying to reunite with each other through time travel which connects 4 families with their dark past.

Season 3- Release Date and Plot

This web series has been created by ‘Baran bo Odar’ and ‘Jantje Friese’. According to the sources, Netflix may air the new season on June 27 this year.

After the release of both the series, many people compared it to another series from Netflix- Stranger Things.

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In continuation, Martha(from another time zone) has returned to help the Jonas in the journey. The scheduled apocalypse set by Adam to destroy the town- Winden will be halted by them. This journey of the two will set to mark in Season 3.

Season 3- Cast members

Few characters are playing a major role in this season of the series. Which you might get to know after watching all the episodes soon.

  • From Kahnwald family- Jonas, Mchale, Hannah, Ines, and Daniel.
  • From Neilsen family- Martha(Lisa Vicari), Magns (Moritz Jahn), Urich (Oliver Masucci,Winfried Glatzeder as old Ulrich), Mads, Tronte and so.
  • The Doppler family includes- Franziska (Gina Stiebitz ), Elisabeth (Sandra Borgmann as old Elisabeth, Carlotta von Falkenhayn), Peter, Charlotte, Helge, Bernd and Greta.
  • And the Tiedermann family members- Bartosz, Regina, Aleksander, Claudia, Egon, and Doris.
  • Lee van Acken (unnamed) as the woman from the future.

It seems the fans have to wait for some more time. Amid the current condition, no such official announcement has come from the Dark team yet. It is also specified about the number of episodes will this season has. While season 1 and 2 has 10 and 8 respectively.