Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms that have kept the audience entertained. The streaming platforms have emerged as the only source of leisure for the people during the quarantine. Now amid, coronavirus outbreak, Netflix has brought amazing news for Dark fans. As they have announced the Dark season 3.

Most of us have eagerly waited for this most eye-watering series. And it looks like, our prayers have been heard. Now, after knowing that Dark Season 3 is about to come, many questions arise. When it will release? What is the plot? Who all are in the cast? And there are many more questions that we want answers to.

When will Dark Season 3 release?

Still from Netflix's Dark

It looks like, most of the fans have already estimated the release date of season 3. As, the first season of Dark released in December 2017 and second season was discharged on June 21, last year. Most probably Netflix will drop Dark Season 3 on 27th June this year. However, Netflix has not yet spilled the beans about the discharge date.

But we can speculate that the show has not been affected at all by the coronavirus pandemic. As the recording was already wrapped up in 2019. So, to keep the viewers engaged during the lockdown, Netflix will soon drop Season 3.

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What will be the plot?

Now the next thing that comes up in our mind is what all will happen in Season 3? So, we can expect to see Alt Martha and Original Jonas as key schemers this season. They would stop Adam from starting a new arrangement of occasions and break the eternal cycle of the show.

Who all are a part of Dark Season 3?

Dark Season 3 Cast

With the new things that are lined up, we can also expect to see some new additions in the cast. Till now, we can expect the following in the Season 3:  Louis Hofmann as Young Jonas, Jordis Triebel as Katharina, Lisa Vicari as Young Martha, Pietschmann as Adult Jonas, Mark Waschke as Adult Noah, Andreas, and Lea van Acken as Future Silja.

So, for the time being we can only ascertain these things about the upcoming Dark Season 3. But, we would recommend you keeping an eye on the makers to fetch more details.