Marvel studios Daredevil is always one of the popular web series of Netflix. But the fact says that this series was the famous title for overall streaming service.

Parrot Analytics reported that although the streaming service Netflix cut off the show, Daredevil stood fourth on all the Netflix shows during the previous week that aims to exactly mark the streaming show’s quality. Its placement is not due to the huge flow at the beginning of the show. The drama increased only 2% before the news broadcasted.

Source: reditt

On October 19th they released 3rd and the final season, yet, the new episodes of Daredevil were even new on the streaming service, provided the show’s value, it should be at the top position, felt Netflix.

Marvels statement says that they were extremely grateful the all the huge audience that loved Marvels. Marvel studio has guaranteed their fans that somehow the trait will continue.

Source: ew, redit

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