Danny Trejo is a well-known name in Hollywood because of his appearance in hundreds of movies and TV shows. But today, we are not here to talk about this thing.

We have come across a few facts about this tough actor guy that has made him “whoa”-worthy. Scroll down to have a look.

1. His Restaurants Don’t Throw Food Out – They Donate It To Shelters

2. He’s Taken Payments Of A Simple Lunch To Appear In Some Small Movies

3. He Finally Cried About His Mother’s Passing When Kermit Offered Condolences During Filming

4. He Doesn’t Do His Own Stunts For The Sake Of Other People’s Jobs

5. He Saved A Baby Trapped In An Overturned Car

6. He Got Into Acting By Being A Production Assistant’s Drug Counselor

7. He Owns A String Of Restaurants, Bars, And Donut Shops

8. He Served Time In San Quentin Prison – And Escaped The Death Penalty

9. He Had A Drug Problem By Age 12

10. He Has Nearly 400 Acting Credits

11. He’s Really Short

12. Charles Manson Hypnotized Him In Jail