Usually bashing NFL players won’t be allowed to take their time out of the day for speaking to their fans. However it was a special expectation when Dak Prescott, the quarterback player of Dallas Cowboys made some world promises to a few Dallas fans regarding this season’s Super Bowl. And yes, he wants his team to be there.

Prescott promised to a few children that he will be taking them along with him to this year’s Super Bowl. And he will take care of those expenses.

This was considered pretty wild as Dak is confirming that Dallas would be playing in the Lombardi Trophy. But this brought a big smile in the boy’s faces.

Source: 12up

Considering the recent form of Cowboys as they are playing good football in recent times, it is still would be a hard work for them since they have various teams ready to pull them out of the season.

Though Prescott gave a very good gesture, he needs to control a bit since Dallas has to win the playoff game before announcing that they are ready to win.

Source: 12up, sportsday