The job of a contractor isn’t easy.

But people like Fred Jr. works extra hard to make sure that the job is done right. Fred is a contractor who travels around the area with his van for installing stair faces and hardwood floors. 

Now the thing is that most of the house he visits has a dog. And those adorable furry babies do not like it when Fred tearing up their places. So, to complete the work on time and to make these furry angels feel comfortable, he goes out of his way and becomes their friend. 

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The best thing is that for appreciating their cooperation, Fred even post their pictures on his official Facebook page by giving them the title of “employee of the week”. Fred’s son tweeted this entire story and it went viral.

No wonder why she’s the employee of the week. Just look at her!

Vito may be unlike the others, but he knows what’s up!

Since she is the employee of the week, she has decided to take the rest of the week off.

He looks so proud of himself.

She’s not quite sure of what happened, but she’s still happy.

Tucker can multi-task! 14/10 would hire again.

They are good at what they do.

He knows how to keep balance in work and personal life!

The holy trinity.

Get yourself an employee who comes to work even in harsh weather conditions.

This employee knows when to work and when to relax.

She seems very polite.

This obedient employee not only helps around but also appreciates everyone’s hard work!

Meet the work clown, Baron!

She might not understand the technicalities of the work, but she still loves to help.


Someone is very happy to be the employee of the week!

It’s always good to have someone who cheers everyone up. Good job, Bailey!

Her eyes say it all!

I can already see why she was the chosen one. 12/10 good girl!

Palmer is quite happy with the results.

This pitbull named Pita is the employee of the week and it shows why!

Imagine being an employee of the week TWICE. You go, Isla!

14/10 would hire again.

These hardworking doggos truly deserved it!

No wonder why he was the obvious choice. Just look how cute he is.

He’s a K-9! Clearly, he would help around with work.

The most hardworking and advanced employee of the week.

The employee of the week 101! Dexter always knows what he’s doing.