Dads love their kids so much that they can do anything for them. Whether it’s getting their nails painted or attending their small tea party, dad does it all. And today, Tom Curtis, a proud dad from London is here to show what he has done for his kid. 

He runs an Instagram page called ‘Things I Have Drawn’. Through this page, he tries to show how his kid’s drawings would look if they were real. You can scroll down to see this wholesome artistic goodness. 

“I used to claim that all the animals were real and it took ages to find them and photograph them. Although that joke wore thin pretty quickly,” Tom quipped about how long it takes him to finish the pictures.

“The length of time to make them depends on all sorts of things. The subject matter (animals tend to be quicker than vehicles). What the texture is (reptile scales take ages to get right, smooth skin is easy, fur is somewhere in the middle). And the more detailed the drawing, the longer it’ll take. But generally speaking, I reckon an average of 10 hours per image sounds about right.”

Tom said that the number of submissions he gets from other kids’ parents varies. “It’s completely dependent on what’s happening on Instagram at that time. We recently had a big spike in followers and were getting well over 50 drawings sent to us a week. But now it’s settled down to a few per day.”

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“Dom and Al are 11 and 9 now. So, I can’t really use their recent drawings because they’re a bit too sophisticated. And have lost much of their naivety,” the dad said. “Luckily, I’ve still got quite a few of their old ones stored away. These days, the boys are a bit more into gaming than drawing. Although Al does tend to create quite a lot of weird characters with strange heads. I haven’t done Things I Have Drawn versions of them yet.”

“The thought crossed my mind that maybe it was us adults not looking at the world correctly. And that maybe the kids had it right. So, I decided to take to Photoshop and reimagine animals, faces, vehicles, and objects just like kids had drawn them,” Tom further added.