baby sitting as you know is not the easiets job. But if you are a professional, you will have fun handeling the babies and loving them. However, it also depend on the behaviour of th child.  If you are simple a friend or a neighbour and trying to babysit someone baby that you know can turn out into a big dramaAnd that’s exactly what happened to redditor Jointfamily.

Jointfamily, a lawyer decided and agreed to babysit her neighbours 11-years old daughter as her aparents had to go for getting themselves vaccinated.

She told the parents in prior that she had to atted a virtua courtroom at 11 am. However, that could not happen as the parents ran late. In eleven year old girl not only ruined Jointfamily clothes as well.  Things took an unexpcted shape and instead of the parents apologising to her, they filed a lawsuit against her.

A redditor had her clothes ruined by a child that she was babysitting, all because her parents were running late to get back home

Here’s how some redditors reacted when they read the story. Many believe that the fact that the kid was 11 years old means that she should have known better

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