Mercury is a rescued dog that has gained insane popularity in the Internet for his viral piano playing skills. But wait till you know his other skills and you will fall for him all over again. This beagle can also sing and is an excellent company for kids. Recently, Buddy’s owners uploaded a video, where his little daughter was dancing to what Buddy played. The video has gone viral, and definitely for a good reason. It has already crossed over 4 million views, and that’s why the internet was created.

Here you can see Buddy Mercury and his little sister having a great time:

This self-taught piano dog was named after Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the band Queen. He has a dedicated website where his fans get to buy his exclusive merchandise. “Buddy has stolen the hearts of many fans around the world in a short time. Thanks for the love and kind words, Buddy loves to entertain his family and his fans,” the owners wrote.