Have you ever wondered what goes on in your doggo’s head? If you have, this one’s for you!

Cat lovers, please excuse us but dogs are the best thing that has happened to us. These adorable furry angels fill our hearts and lives with immense love that we can’t get enough of. If you are a dog owner, you will agree with what we are saying. After all, we can’t imagine even a single day without our furry babies. 

When we love our dog so much, we sometimes wish to know what’s going on in their heads. If you also wish the same, scroll down to read some cute and hilarious tweets that are posted by dogs (wink-wink). 

1. Ahh… we can never understand this sorcery!

2. This “stuffed fren sebastian” is making me anxious and I badly want to see him now!

3. OMG… this is going to make me cry!

4. They love entertaining us!

5. Haha they can be evil too!

6. Awww… how cute is that!

7. Awwww…. don’t we just love cuddling our little puppers to sleep?

8. Yep, they have their little mood swings too.

9. Of course. Everytime!

10. I’m not crying, you are crying!

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