Things have become really tough and we have grown busy. To make the ends meet, we are always working and it is good. But it is also a nice idea to stay back and appreciate the cute things. Like a dog that never fails to fill our lives with paw-sitivity and paw-someness. 

If you are around dogs, you are one of the luckiest persons in the world. It’s because dogs are a gift to humans straight from heaven. We mean look at their innocence, their little puppy eyes, their wagging tail, and their constant love for food. Oh yes, food. A dog wants to eat everything that you are eating and wants to play with you all the time. Also, you can’t say no to your furry friend. It’s because he will look straight into your soul and give you a guilt trip. Do you want that? No? So don’t ever say no to your cute furry angel. 

To see how dogs can make you feel happy and nice with their look, scroll down. 


This is probably one of the cutest dog breeds that you can ever come across. Besides being cute, Maltese are also smart, elegant, calm, and friendly. So if you are looking for a little member for your house, get this dog and get ready to welcome a power pack of energy and love. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

This beautiful tri-colored dog breed originated from Switzerland. This dog breed is known for its fearless, confident, and cautions nature. Bernese dogs can actually do everything from guarding the cattle to protecting the farm. That’s why they are known as all-purpose dogs. Did we mention that they are also calm to strangers? 

Bichon Frise

This adorably cute dog breed is a member of a non-sporting group of dog breeds. They are from the U.S.A. and you can take them anywhere with you. Bichons are really very friendly and can make new friends so easily.

Shar Pei

If there is one dog breed that looks so unique and amazing, it has to be Shar Pei. And why not? After all, the heavy wrinkles on their skin make them look different from others. This dog breed first appeared in China and is popular for being calm, intelligent, loyal, and independent. 

Japanese Spitz

This small to medium-sized dog belongs to Japan and looks so noble. White Spitz are known for their elegance and harmonious beauty. Also, they are really very smart, loyal, and happy.

Akita Inu

This dog breed is proof that small dog breeds can be everything. They can be smart, they can be cute, they can be loyal, and they can be very friendly. 

West Highland White Terrier

This cute dog breed is also known as Westie. This breed originated from Scotland and looks super duper cute. But this is not it. Along with being all adorable, West Highland White Terriers are also very friendly and need a lot of attention. Not to mention that initially this dog breed was created as a hunting dog.


If there is one dog breed that exists in 4 different sizes, it is Poodle. This dog breed is in fact so adorable and cute that they can win your heart with quickly. Also, they are very hard-working, smart, and can help you with hunting.

English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel is the cutest of all as this dog breed always waves its tail. And when a dog waves its tail, it means that he is super excited and positive. So ya, this dog breed is always full of life and friendly. But they don’t trust strangers.


If there is one dog breed that is the perfect example of good breeding, it is Goldendoodle. This amazingly cute dog breed is a mix of poodles and golden retrievers. Goldendoodles are so charming, nice, caring, loving, and everything. Awww!

Chihuahua and Wire-Haired Terrier Mix

This dog breed not just looks cute and adorable but is also very playful. 

Bonus: the real Snoopy