You’ve possibly heard the phrase that car repair ‘is a man’s work.’ But now things have changed, women are also capable of doing everything.

It might be tough but they have the skills it takes to get things done. They have been facing many challenges to work in an automotive shop.

A licensed female mechanic, @Unlimitedpatience on Reddit shared how she occasionally has issues with male customers who get suspicious of her skills and abilities. Well, about one incident she explained that one of his customers was not satisfied with a woman fixing his car. Being a mechanic hearing this was not good. But the Redditor claimed,  misogyny in the workplace was not something new to her.

“Who is that chick? Is she going to be working on my car? I don’t want her working on my car,” the male told the advisor, who replied that in this case, he’d have to wait for quite a while. Let’s see how this whole story escalated below.

This woman who worked as the only licensed mechanic in a car dealership has recently shared a story of how a male customer refused to let her touch his car

And this is what people had to comment on this whole incident