Custom Red Xbox One X- The new Sweepstake from Microsoft

Microsoft has come up with another sweepstake of Xbox One X, and this is something that console games should check out.

Source: freepressjournal

One thing is for sure, and the gaming console is breathtaking. The console isn’t super looking instead it is of deep crimson colour which is different from the conventional Xbox One X. The red crimson coloured gaming console looks classy, stylish and unique.

After Microsoft’s venture with TacoBell the tech giant is reportedly offering amazing deals on the Xbox One and the recent introduction of a sweepstakes for the gamers to get their hands on Xbox One X. Being a part of the contest isn’t tough, as a matter of fact this might be one of the most simple sweepstakes that the gaming industry has ever witnessed. The only catch here is the user needs to have a Twitter account to get into the contest.


All a gamer needs to do is enter the contest and then retweet the official and recent tweet by Microsoft: RT for a chance to win the brand new custom made powerful console in the whole wide world. Games play better on Xbox One X. NoPurchNec. Ends 11/16/18. People do not have to quote-tweet it, and neither do they have to reply to it.

According to Microsoft the first-class prize of the contest is the custom-made red Xbox One X gaming console along which has a similar colored Xbox Wireless Controller and there will also be another Xbox Wireless controller gamepad in Red. With addition to this there will also be 12 month subscription of Xbox Live Gold and the winner can also spend a sum of $100 at the Store of Microsoft.


Microsoft has also revealed that it will also give away ten other prizes and one of the prizes are a 12-month free subscription plan of Xbox Live known as Xbox Live Gold and red Xbox gamepad to the ten other winners.

The contest is only for the residents of Canada and the U.S. the users should be 18 years or older to enter the contest.