Happier moment for Stephen Curry who is a two-time NBA MVP and three-time champion for bagging a great victory with a flashing 51 point performance in Wednesday’s 144-122 against Wizards. Game’s first quarter was not lit up with high spirit until Curry started to show off his standard. Within 3 minutes of his play, he scored 18 straight points and he ended up the first quarter with 23 points as well the third quarter with 20 more points.

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Match at Oracle Arena was a turnaround zone for him by scoring 51 points and similar score with Mavs in 2015.His performance is considered higher than the other players. Being won this game, the Dubs will be playing a three game trip on Friday against New York Knicks at Coast. Game at Madison Square Garden has set a high expectation for Curry and looked up for a high score from his end.

Source: www.nba.com

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