Having a dog is such a great feeling. It’s because when you have a dog, you are never alone. Not even when you actually want to be left alone (Wink-Wink). But here we are not going to talk about you and your relation with your dog. So, what are we exactly going about today? Well, it’s about dogs and their never-ending life lessons. 

No matter how cautious you are, sometimes you might not be able to keep an eye on your furry friend, right? Don’t worry we are not here to blame you. It happens with every pet parent. And as soon as these cuties get alone, they do every possible thing to land in trouble. 

For instance, they like to eat and mess up with bees & wasps. Once they do that, we can clearly see regret for the bad life decisions that they have just made. We know we shouldn’t be laughing at their pain but c’mon, they look super cute. 

If you also want to see how a dog looks like after eating a bee, keep scrolling because we have found 35 good bois who literally hate what they have done. 

#1 My Friends’ Dog Ate A Bee

They gave him Benedryl, and he’s doing a lot better

#2 Plump Weiner

Plump wiener feels no shame in his decision. In fact, he might also eat you

#3 This Is Sonja. In Her Defense, Nobody Explicitly Told Her Bees Aren’t Snacks. 13/10 Would Boop But Gently

If ever your pet messes up with a wasp or bee and has a swollen mouth, the first thing you should do not laughing but taking them to a vet. 

#4 Poor Good Boy Got Defeated By A Hive Of Bees

This picture was taken a few days ago. We did not bring him to the emergency vet, but we immediately gave him Benadryl. Within the hour amount of time, his swelling and anxiety subsided. We were prepared to bring him in if necessary. Nearly a week later, a full recovery and back to his usual self

#5 Our Goldie Rosie Stepped On A Wasp

#6 Winnie Poo Still Wondering Why The Bee Didn’t Want To Play ..

You should never ever try to squeeze the stung. It’s because while doing so, you might put more poison into the wound.

#7 Puppy After Some Bee Stings

And now he looks like Mr. Potato head

#8 Stung By A Wasp. Now She Looks Like Gonzo

She’s seen the vet. She’s on meds and doing well

#9 My Dog Decided To Eat A Bee

And now his snout looks like a Croc

#10 Shibeebe

Thing is, this dog is probably just laying low after a bank robbery

#11 Ate A Bee

This is a rare encounter with a land Manatee, only resurfacing when a specific bee call, sounding like ‘Free Benedryl shots for everyone,’ is heard

#12 Those Spicy Sky Raisins Get You Every Time

Here you can see a dog that genuinely appreciates the artworks of Rubens’

#13 Bee Stings Aren’t Fun

But they sure can turn your regular dog into a furry cantaloupe!

#14 Repeat After Me: Do Not Eat Bees

Or you can skip the words entirely and learn from your actions instead

#15 Rocky Ate A Bee To Celebrate National Dog Day

#16 My Pibble Getting A Shot After Trying To Eat A Bee

Major was given a shot of Benedryl and steroids. The poor little guy was just at the vet two hours before this because he had a rash/swelling caused by anxiety. We are in the area of Cali that had fires and packed up to evacuate, and he didn’t deal well with the stress. Came home from the vet, an hour later he gets stung by a bee

#17 This Dog That Ate A Bee

And yet he’s looking longingly for more

#18 My Dog Got Stung On Her Head. Now She Has Forest Whitaker Eye

I’ve been laughing every time she looked at me it’s too funny

#19 He Also Tried To Eat A Bee

And being a smart dog that he is, tried it immediately again

#20 Murph Got Himself Stung By A Bee

#21 My Sister’s Pup Ate A Bee

a.k.a me, after pulling an all-nighter

#22 Good Girl Ate A Bee

#23 My Dog Got Stung By A Bee

As if he didn’t look angry enough before…

#24 Someone Ate A Bee (Before And After The Vet)

#25 First Timer. Meet Roux And His Fat Balloon Head

He went to the vets last night and was completely back to normal by this morning. Didn’t phase him or his insanity for even a second

#26 Chihuahua Why Would You Eat That?

You’d eat one too if it were the only thing that could make you at least a tiny bit bigger

#27 My Pup Ate A Bee. The Poor Little Girl Looked Like A Squirrel

We took her to the vet immediately, and after medication and a shot, the swelling went down. Took about 2 minutes

#28 My 8-Month-Old Boxer Puppy, Duke, Got Stung By A Wasp Yesterday. He Looked Like A Cartoon

The vets said it’s the worst reaction they’ve ever seen. He’s fine now, can hardly notice any swelling or reaction at all and he’s back to his crazy self

#29 Zoe Ate A Wasp

I just woke up, and she was puffy. We found the carcass where she’d spit it out. She’ll be two in May, so maybe she’s old enough to reason it out

#30 My Friend’s Poor Dog Is Allergic To Bees

#31 Spicy Flies: 1, Good Boy: 0

Well, we all know that labs never learn from their mistakes, so it might as well be 20 : 0

#32 He’s Such A Special Boy That He Only Just Realized He’s In The Vets Office When I Took This Pic

#33 My Chihuahua Ate A Wasp

#34 Baby’s First Bee Sting

#35 Curious Lacey With A Bee-Stung Face

After that, we’ve renamed her Lacey McClogface