Cure for HIV and AIDS is still under research and each day we are getting closer to a solution that will help the millions of infected people. There are several HIV treatments available at the moment that can prolong a patient’s life by suppressing the virus.

But it is not a permanent solution as HIV can come back once the medication is stopped and we need a complete cure to get rid of the disease. The American Foundation for AIDS Research is confident that they will have an HIV cure out before the end of 2020.

HIV Treatments available at the moment

HIV Treatments available at the moment

There is no HIV/AIDS cure at the moment but we have developed testing methods and various treatments to help the infected patients. While none of the current treatments can completely cure the patient, they can improve their health condition and can give them a long and normal life.

The antiretroviral drugs therapy (ART) is the best treatment for AIDS patients at the moment as it stops the virus from multiplying. ART suppresses the virus and stops them from growing inside and reduces it to a very low level. Most of the HIV patients who take regular ART medicines have a higher chance of going into remission and also reduced the risk of transmitting the disease to other people.

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HIV/AIDS Cure will be out in 2020?

HIV AIDS Cure will be out in 2020

American Foundation of AIDS Research (amfAR) has started a countdown for an HIV cure on its website. There is a “Countdown to Cure” on their website page which is designed to focus on the research program for HIV cure. It means that amfAR considers that the HIV/AIDS cure will be out before the end of this year as the countdown shows 2020 in the year designation.

The reason is stated as the scientific obstacles in the research are now found out and will be eliminated soon. There won’t be any more problems that have hindering the cure process till now. Hence if things go as per the plans without any future problem, the cure for HIV/AIDS will be out very soon.

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