Cure for HIV AIDS

HIV and AIDS are still one of the most dangerous epidemics out in the world and millions of people die every year due to that. Cure for HIV/AIDS is still not available even after so many years of research and practice. It does not mean that we can’t fight AIDS in other ways as there are other methods to save lives.

There has been a decrease in the number of deaths related to HIV and AIDS in the last few years. Since they can’t cure AIDS completely, Scientists and Doctors are trying to find ways to save lives. It only means one thing that a permanent solution to HIV/AIDS is near as the research are close to a Complete Cure.

Efforts to end the deadly AIDS

Efforts to cure HIV AIDS

Organizations like UNAIDS and others have been launched many programs to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. There is a campaign called 90-90-90 where the aim is that 90 percent of HIV patients know their status, receive antiretroviral treatments and ART therapy attain viral suppression.

As per the latest reports, 38 million people are suffering from HIV/AIDS in the whole world. There has been a 16 percent decline in the numbers since 2010 as there were only 1.7 million new cases. The patient count dropped to 770,000 last year and the plan is to bring it lower than 500,000 by the next year.

Research and Studies

HIV AIDS Research

It will take many more years to find a solution which can be consumed by humans to treat HIV/AIDS. But there is a lot of progress since the past decade and we are getting closer to a cure. Doctors and Patients had a ray of hope when Timothy Ray was cured of AIDS in 2008.

He was famous by the name Berlin patient and was treated through a bone marrow transplant with a CCR5 donor. Last March, another patient was treated in the same way as confirmed by the Doctors. It is living proof that HIV/AIDS can be cured as research and studies are getting closer.